Histadrut action nixes parking tickets Wednesday afternoon

On order of the Histadrut National Labor Federation, municipal inspectors in Israel's three largest cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa) will not issue parking tickets from 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday until the end of the day.
Instead, they will hold informational meetings to discuss an impasse in negotiations with local government authorities over additional management payments for workers hired since March, 1999.
According to the Histadrut, an agreement signed in May, 2012 promised retroactive payment to eligible municipal workers hired from March, 1999 onward by October, 2012, while the criteria for payment would be finalized in separate negotiations. Those negotiations have stalled.
Chairman of the Histadrut's branch of Clerks, Administrative Public Service Employees Arnon Ben-David, who called Wednesday's informational meetings, said, "It is inconceivable that the Union of Local Authorities in Israel signs an agreement on the one hand and rejects its application."
Ben-David intends to call a labor dispute in the coming days over the issue.