Homeless man's 'dream' leads police to body

A homeless man chose an unusual way to confess to police that he knew where the body of a murder victim was buried on Saturday, when he entered a police station and told officers he had a disturbing dream. "He came into the station in the middle of a quiet, Saturday afternoon shift, and said, 'I had a dream last night. In it, Is saw someone buried. It disturbed me. I saw where the burial site is. I want to take you there,'" Supt. Meital Geref, Spokeswoman for Lachish Police sub-district, told the Jerusalem Post on Sunday. The 'dream' set off alarm bells in the mind of Lachish police chief Dep.-Cmdr. Alon Livavi, who ordered the commander of Ashkelon's police station and a number of officers to accompany the homeless man to the burial location. "They reached a spot on the beach in Ashkelon, and began digging," Geref said, adding, "We did not know if this was someone's illusion. But then a body was found." Police uncovered the body of a homeless man who had been dead for several weeks. "According to our investigation, he was killed in a fight between intoxicated homeless men," Geref said. The man who led officers to the body was arrested, together with a second suspect.