IAF commander Nehushtan: I'm extremely proud of the IAF pilots

Speaking to reporters after the funeral of fallen pilot Capt. Assaf Ramon on Monday, IAF commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan said all Israelis are mourning together with the Ramon family, and expressed great pride in the IAF pilots. "This is a sad day for all the people of Israel, a sad day for the Air Force. Today we are all one family, embracing Rona, Tal, Iftach and Noa," Nehushtan said, referring to Ramon's mother and three siblings. Nehushtan added that if he could reveal the young IAF pilots to the public eye, he would do so, because he is "extremely proud" of them. "If I could present these youths to you, the friends that carried the coffin of Assaf z"l, I would show you their faces… Just like Assaf, these people are dedicated to working every day, every hour, to protect the country," Nehushtan told reporters.