IDF drill in South tests readiness

The IDF held an exercise in the Gaza-border region of the South on Sunday to test the readiness of its forces.
During the exercise, which lasted from which lasted from 1 pm until the evening and included the outskirts of Sderot, there was heavy military traffic throughout the area.
“The event was planned ahead of time, as part of the graph of exercises for 2015, and is designed to safeguard the readiness of forces,” the army said in a statement, stressing that it was not in response to rockets fired into the area recently from Gaza.
Last week, the Home Front Command rehearsed civil defenses and cooperation with emergency responders and local governments during a week-long drill simulating war on multiple fronts and heavy projectile fire on the country.
The Israel Air Force also held a series of drills last week, one of which was designed to test its ability to fire large numbers of precision- guided munitions at targets hidden in built up areas in a short period of time.
The exercise also tested the IAF’s ability to maintain operations despite its bases being targeted by guided Hezbollah missile attacks.
“We strengthened our readiness for the northern arena,” an IAF senior officer said last week.