IDF officers arrested for gun and club attack on paper delivery man

Four men including two IDF officers have been arrested for allegedly taking part in an early morning attack on a newspaper delivery man, which involved the use of an M-16 rifle and clubs. Police received reports of gunfire in the town of Kfar Yona, north of Netanya, at four a.m. on Wednesday morning. A paper delivery man and his 16-year-old son told officers that after entering the town in their vehicle to distribute newspapers, four men set upon them with clubs, adding that shots were fired in their direction by a gunman armed with an M-16. The man and his son fled the scene in their vehicle, adding that the men gave chase in their own vehicle. Police arrived on the scene and arrested four suspects, including two IDF officers aged 26 and 30, both residents of Kfar Yona. Two additional men, residents of the town, were also arrested. The Military Police has been brought into the investigation, police said.