IDF soldier who confessed to abusing terrorist recants confession

An IDF soldier was declared a "hostile witness" by the military court when he seemingly went back on naming two other soldiers complicit in the alleged abuse of a Palestinian detainee and essentially admited his confession was false, ynet reported.

The soldier, Sgt. Sha'a, had confessed three months ago to the violent abuse of a Hamas terrorist and was sentenced to 4.5 months behind bars, and he was called in to testify against the two other suspects who had refused a plea deal and denied all allegations.

However, Sha'a refused to identify them and claimed to not remember what he had said three months ago.

Though he signed documents in interrogation naming the suspects, Sha'a claimed that he did not do so, and accused the prosecution of adding the names to his testimony.

"Yes, I signed my testimony but I didn't mention names," he said, according to ynet.

Further, he also claims that the confession itself was false from the start.

"I confessed to something that wasn't true because I did not have the strength for trials and investigations," he told the judges, according to ynet. "I confessed in court to false things."

This is a developing story.

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