Army Spokesperson: IDF adds security to West Bank bus stops, hitchhiking stands

An IDF spokesperson gave comment on Israeli operations on the day, following the drive by shooting that occurred yesterday at the Assad junction, killing two IDF soldiers in the process.
According to the IDF spokesperson, “After extensive IDF activity in cooperation with the General Security Service (GSS) and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, IDF forces continue to operate in cooperation with the Shin Bet security service and the Israel Police in Judea and Samaria.
“During the course of the day, the fighters secured central points and axes with reinforced forces. These operations will continue, including searches in the Binyamin Brigade area and assessments of the security of the settlements in Judea and Samaria during the Sabbath.
“In addition, early in the morning, the engineering forces of workers began to add fortification at bus stops and hitchhiking stations in the Judea and Samaria area. About 120 concrete protection items were erected today in about 20 centers in all the regional divisions in the division, with the aim of improving defense in the area.” The spokesperson continued.
In addition, according to the commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Brigadier General Eran Niv, "We are in a tense period, after a week in which we put our hands on two terrorists, thanks to intensive activity and close cooperation between the various security bodies, and a week in which we received three serious attacks. I support the bereaved families and the families of the wounded. I hope you will not know any more sorrow. The IDF, the Shin Bet security service and the police are currently operating in the Judea and Samaria area, by means of overt and covert means, in order to arrest those responsible for the attack last night at the Assaf junction. At the same time, we continue to act with the aim of preventing and thwarting the next attack, while reinforcing the defense efforts in the roads and in the settlements.”
“We will continue to make every effort to protect the citizens of Israel wherever they are, with reinforced forces, even during the coming weekend.” The commander concluded.