IDF vehicles overturns, killing Palestinian rioter in West Bank

An IDF vehicle struck and killed a Palestinian rioter after the driver lost control and it overturned, the army said Sunday morning.
The incident occurred in the course of an IDF operation northeast of Ramallah in Qafr Malik village. The vehicle hit a suspect "who was attempting to hurl a firebomb at the force," the army said.
"As a result, the Palestinian man was killed. The circumstances of the incident will be investigated," the army stated.
The IDF soldiers driving the vehicle were lightly injured.
Local resident Nail Abdul Latah el Hajj denied the Palestinian had attacked the jeep, however, saying the man was walking to work at a chicken farm when he was run down on the main street and then crushed as the vehicle crashed into a wall and overturned.
Speaking to Reuters, el Hajj said the man's death sparked confrontations between stone-throwing Palestinian youths and Israeli troops. The military spokeswoman said the disturbances were already under way when the collision happened.
Reuters contributed to this article.