IDF's Operations Division changes Heads in ceremony

On Tuesday, Brig.-Gen. Yaron Finkelman succeeded Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Assor as Head of the Operations Division, in a ceremony adherent to coronavirus restrictions.
Yaniv Assor will be granted the title General, and will preside over the Human Resources Department.
"The operations division is the heartbeat of the IDF. You were responsible for that heart," said Maj.-Gen. Aharon Haliva, commander of the Operations Directorate. "From now on," he continued, "the heart of the IDF is in your hands."
"Even though [the position] was difficult and demanding, it fulfilled me with the sense that I'm part of something larger than myself -- a contributor to the great promise of the establishment of Israel's security," reflected Assor.
Finkelman thanked Assor for his mentorship and for setting a personal example for himself -- "a leader of men."