Im Tirtzu to NIF donors: Demand end to support for defamation of Israel

Right-wing NGO Im Tirtzu sent letters to more than 100 people who donate to the leftwing New Israel Fund asking them to demand the NIF break ties with “organizations that defame us IDF soldiers... [and with] organizations which protect terrorists.”
The letters, signed by 20 combat officers in the reserves, are a continuation of Im Tirtzu’s campaign supporting legislation that would label organizations that receive funding from foreign governments as foreign agents.
Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said they are sending letters to every NIF donor they hear of, asking them to demand the NIF stop supporting certain organizations.
The letters state that those who receive them intended to donate to Israeli organizations and associations “to support Zionism and support organizations working for human rights and against anti-democratic activities... towards creating a better, saner, more democratic and more moral Israel.”