Indictment filed against Ashdod man for beach murder

An indictment was filed on Sunday in the Beersheba District Court, charging Ashdod resident Andrei Starkov with the murder of Rita Goldberg on the Ashdod beach in September.
It is alleged that Goldberg and Starkov, who had not known each other previously, began to chat at the Manchu kiosk on Ashdod's Mi Ami beach, and later both drank beer together with Starkov's friend Osik Levy. The indictment claims the three then walked to the beach, where Starkov and Goldberg sat together alone after Levy left. It is further alleged that, sometime later, Goldberg started to shout that Starkov had raped her.
At that point, the indictment claims, Starkov feared Goldberg would call the police and strangled her. It is alleged that Starkov threw a ten kilogram rock at Goldberg's head, causing multiple fractures and crushing her skull, and then smashed Goldberg's head against another rock. Again according to the indictment, Starkov is then alleged to have dragged the unconscious Goldberg along the beach and returned to the Manchu kiosk, where he told his employer that Goldberg tripped and hit her head.
The indictment alleges that Starkov took his friend, Levy, to the place where he had left Goldberg, telling him that the woman had fallen over. It is alleged that Levy then called an ambulance, but Starkov fled the scene. Goldberg was later pronounced dead at the scene.