IPS won't transfer packages to Palestinian inmates following NGO appeal

IPS wont transfer packa

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) notified the Almagor Terror Victims' Organization that it would not transfer packages mailed to Palestinian prisoners until it was verified that a package sent to Gilad Schalit reached him, the organization said in a statement Thursday. Almagor made a request to the IPS on the matter Wednesday, after Hamas announced it would not transfer to Schalit a package sent by his parents. The terror group said it refused to give the package for fear Israel might plant explosives in it. A statement by Meir Indor, Almagor director general and Dr. Aryeh Bacharach, head of the bereaved parents forum in Almagor, said "we hope this will be the first step by the IPS in implementing the principle of reciprocity, also regarding visits by family members, the Red Cross, television, study programs and all other privileges inmates in Israel's prisons have been given over the past few years. "We call on the campaigns aiming to release Schalit to stop the joint campaign with terrorists' families. A kidnapped IDF soldier cannot be compared with cold blooded murderers."