Iran nuclear deal gives more money to fund terrorism

Budgetary restraints recently constrained Iranian support of its proxies int the region, something that will no longer be the case once sanctions are removed and international companies vie for Iranian business, pouring tens of billions of dollars into that country's coffers, a government official said Saturday.
The official was responding to comments made by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said that the nuclear deal will not alter Iran's polices in the region.
“He is repeating what he said from last week,” the official said. “That from the point of view of the Iranian government, America remains the enemy, and that they [the Iranians] will continue their subversion and their support of terrorists.”
Since the deal will provide Iran with billions of dollars, that country's subversion will increase, he said.
Relating to US President Barack Obama's position that the deal will make America and the world safer, and that the it took so long to negotiate because the US held out for a deal that met Washington's bottom line, the official stated Israel's position that it “was and still is possible” to get a better deal.
“If the negotiations were more determined, and the sanctions were beefed up and the pressure remained, then a deal could have been reached that rolled back the Iranian program, something that Israel could support,” he said.
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