Iran opposition: Use of force won't halt our demands

Iran opposition Use of

Iran's embattled opposition leaders promised to press on with their campaign against the country's rulers, saying the use of force to crush the post-election protests will not silence their demands for democratic change. The powerful statement of defiance Friday from opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and former President Mohammad Khatami also sent a message to their supporters that the protest campaign triggered by the disputed June 12 presidential election still had energy and leadership though street demonstrations fizzled out months ago. A bloody crackdown and a mass trial of pro-reform figures that has so far produced three death sentences quelled the weeks of street protests that followed the vote. One of Iran's most prominent pro-reform figures who has been part of the mass trial, Saeed Hajjarian, has been convicted of inciting post-election unrest and sentenced to a five-year suspended jail term, reformist Web sites said Saturday. Hajjarian was released on bail earlier this month after more than three months in prison.