Iran: "totally untrue and without any foundation,"

Iran totally untrue an

After French President Nicholas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged the UN Security Council to impose harsher sanctions on Iran, the Islamic republic's UN Mission on Thursday issued a statement calling allegations about its nuclear program "totally untrue and without any foundation," insisting it is pursuing nuclear power as an alternative source of energy "to supply its booming population and rapid development." Iran called French claims "preposterous" and accused Britain of "deliberately and cynically" ignoring its legal commitments to take practical steps to eliminate nuclear weapons but did not mention the United States by name. The Iranian statement reiterates the country's "readiness to engage in serious and constructive negotiations with interested parties, based on respect, justice, rights of nations and collective commitments, aimed at reaching a framework for cooperative relationships." But it said that to achieve success in future negotiations the six countries should abandon "futile and illegal demands of the past years" that include suspending Iran's enrichment program. Diplomats from Iran are scheduled to hold talks on October 1 with the US, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany.