Iran's Zarif denies warning U.S. of possible Rouhani demise

MUNICH - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied on Sunday a media report that he had told the United States during nuclear talks that President Hassan Rouhani's political clout would be heavily damaged if negotiations failed.
A Reuters report on Saturday, quoting three senior Iranian officials who asked not to be identified, said Zarif had warned the United States and other Western powers during ongoing nuclear talks that a failure to reach a deal would likely hasten the political demise of Rouhani.
"I want to correct a very wrong report by Reuters," Zarif told a security conference in Munich. "Those that talked to me in the past three days know that was not a subject of our negotiation," he said, adding: "I did not."
Zarif said that if Iran and major world powers, including the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China, failed to reach an agreement it would not be Iran's fault.
He said the negotiations had Rouhani's support.
"I believe the entire Iranian population understands that this government, that Dr Rouhani, his administration, and the government in its entirety, supported our efforts in the negotiations," said Zarif.