ISIS rockets kill Turkish soldier in Iraq

ISTANBUL - A Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded in northern Iraq on Saturday when rockets fired by Islamic State during clashes with Iraqi Kurdish fighters landed in a base where Turkish troops were deployed, the army said.
NATO member Turkey, part of the US-led coalition against Islamic State, sent troops to northern Iraq in December, citing heightened security risks near Bashiqa, where its soldiers have been training an Iraqi militia to fight Islamist militants. Baghdad objected to the Turkish deployment.
"Islamic State targets identified in the region have been shot back at," the Turkish military said in a statement.
Hurriyet newspaper quoted a later statement saying the army has fired artillery from the camp on Islamic State targets while additional targets have been struck by Turkish warplanes and jets from the U.S.-led coalition.
"Four Islamic State targets have been bombarded by warplanes from the coalition forces. An additional of four targets have been fired at intensely by Turkish warplanes and been destroyed," the statement quoted by the paper said.