ISIS supporters threaten further attacks on US soil after Orlando

Shortly after the ISIS news agency A'maq took credit for the Orlando terror attack early Sunday, ISIS supporters took to the messaging app Telegram to voice their backing and threaten future attacks in the US.
Among the waves of posters gloating and praising the attack were posts that included photo shopped images of gun-wielding jihadists in front of famous US landmarks and Islamic quotes.
One pro-ISIS activist posted messages, translated by MEMRI, on his Telegram channel praising the attack and eulogizing shooter Omar Mateen, saying: "Lord of the world, have mercy on the soul of your follower Omar, and make paradise his resting place. He brought smiles to the faces of the mujahideen and the orphans smile, and made the Crusaders and apostates cry."
Recently the messaging app Telegram has become a favorite among ISIS supporters due to its level of encryption and channels which allow broadcasting to an unlimited number of subscribers.
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