Israel hasn't done enough to combat Jewish terrorism, Rivlin says

President Reuven Rivlin arrived at Tel Hashomer shortly after Netanyahu’s departure and declared as he had done earlier in the day that it was not enough to talk about the need to fight terror, but to actually do something about it.
The government and the nation must declare that we will no longer tolerate terror, he said.
As painful as the arson attack in Duma was, he said, it was also shameful.
Early on Friday morning, Rivlin took the unusual step of issuing a statement in both Arabic and Hebrew in which he urged that terrorism not be allowed to triumph.
He called on Palestinians and on Israel’s Arab community to contain their anger and outrage and to allow the law enforcement authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.
In the statement, Rivlin, in another rare, move acknowledged that Israel had been lax in its treatment of Jewish terrorists.
The fact that he and other Israeli leaders had actually called the criminals what they are received a lot of play in both the local Arab and Palestinian media.