Israel responds cooly to ICC decision on PA charges

The Foreign Ministry responded warily on Tuesday to the International Criminal Court general prosecutor's announcement that the ICC has no jurisdiction over Palestinian Authority charges of Israeli war crimes, questioning some of Luis Moreno-Ocampo's "assumptions."
"While Israel welcomes the decision on the lack of ICC jurisdiction," a statement from the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Bureau said, "it has reservations regarding some of the legal pronouncements and assumptions in the Prosecutor's statement."
Ocampo announced earlier that the ICC does not have jurisdiction to investigate Palestinian Authority allegations over the 2008-2009 Gaza war.
Israel responded that it had "made it clear in the first place that the ICC has no jurisdiction on the matter," adding that Israel has already carried out its own investigations of the claims.
"In Israel, the issue has, for an extensive period of time already, been addressed by inter-ministerial teams, headed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Justice, with the participation of other bodies," the statement said.
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