Israel to hold talks on non-diplomatic issues with EU

Despite recent Israeli declarations of suspending various ties with the European Union as a result of its directive to label products from the settlements, two EU subcommittees will be convened in Israel this week.
According to an EU statement, the EU-Israel subcommittee on Agriculture and Fisheries will meet at the Volcani Center in Beit Dagan on Tuesday, and the EU-Israel Subcommittee on Industry, Trade and Services will meet in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
In addition, a sub-committee on anti-Semitism is scheduled to meet next week in Brussels.
Immediately following the EU’s decision to label products from the settlements last month, Israel told EU ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen it was suspending its diplomatic dialogue for a number of weeks.
Foreign Ministry officials later clarified this decision pertained mostly to Palestinian and human rights related issues, but that the dialogue would continue on other topics.