'Israel will not attack Iran under current circumstances'

Mousavi Israel will not

Senior Iranian political commentator Amir Mousavi said on Sunday that Israel would most likely not attack his country, and stresed that Teheran is fully transparent with IAEA inspectors, Israel Radio reported. Speaking to an Israel Radio interviewer in Teheran, Mousavi added that Iran had nothing to hide from the UN nuclear watchdog and that cooperation between the two entities was deep-seated, citing the Islamic republic's recent initiative to use uranium enriched by Russia or France in its nuclear facilities. Mousavi expressed his opinion that Israel did not possess the ability to attack Iran, in part due to the internal situation in Israel, the current state of the Middle East and the global financial crisis. He added that the imminent joint Israeli-American naval exercise was part of an ongoing Israeli psychological campaign against Iran, meant to raise morale in the Jewish state.