Israeli Arab town goes on strike in show of solidarity with murdered school principal

The Israeli Arab city of Taibe went on strike on Monday, keeping schools closed on the opening day of the schools year, in solidarity with the murdered high school principle a week ago.
The Jerusalem Post spoke with residents of the city who appeared upset and complained about the lack of security in the city, many putting the blame on the police.
“Youth walk the streets carrying handguns and even large automatic weapons,” said a worker at a local market across from city hall, and who did not want to be identified.
“Just the other day a kid shot at the police, and he escaped without being caught,” said the worker, adding that when one calls the police over a burglary, the police fail to act.
A masked gunman shot and killed the principal, Yussuf Haj Yahya, of a Taibe high school a week ago before a horrified group of teachers.
Yahya was speaking to a group of teachers at a meeting in his office when the assailant walked in and shot him several times in the head and chest before fleeing on foot.