Israeli consumers break single-day electricity usage record

With the mid-August heat showing no mercy on the Holy Land, Israeli consumers broke on all-time single day record for electricity use on Wednesday afternoon, the Israel Electric Corporation announced.
The corporation said demand topped 11,200 megawatts, following 19 straight days of unprecedented energy usage by Israeli consumers.
With no relief from the blazing heat in sight, the corporation has asked for Israelis to conserve electricity so as not to drain the company's power reserves, and in order to prevent a power outtage from taking place. As part of these measures, they recommended customers avoid using appliances that require a high level of electricity between the peak hours of 12pm and 5pm.
In addition to air conditioners such appliances include dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, stoves, water heaters, vacuum cleaners and the like. The Electric Corporation has requested that in the case of air conditioners, consumers suffering from the heat set their temperatures at no lower than 25 Celsius.