Israeli released by Uzbekistan after being held for 12 days

The Foreign Ministry on Monday welcomed the release of an Israeli citizen who was detained for 12 days by Uzbekistan authorities after he was found with bullets in his luggage at the Tashkent international airport.
The Israeli, who was in transit to Thailand, temporarily had his passport confiscated during the incident. After receiving details about the civilian's circumstances, the Israeli Embassy along with the Foreign Ministry in Tashkent provided the the man with kosher food and regularly updated his family.
The Israeli civilian, according to the Foreign Ministry, is a recently discharged soldier who was on his way to Thailand for holiday.
After the announcement of his release, the Ministry said the traveler was on his way back to Israel and will be landing in Tel Aviv in a few hours.
In a statement, The Foreign Ministry said it "urges all Israelis traveling abroad to carefully check the contents of their luggage before traveling abroad for concern of finding bullets and other prohibited items, which may lead to the arrest, lawsuit, payment of heavy fines and total disruption of their travel plans."