Israeli security forces arrest four Palestinians overnight

Two Palestinians were arrested by the IDF in two separate incidents early Sunday after they tried to cross the border fence from the Gaza Strip into Israel.
The two were caught shortly after they infiltrated into Israel, one in the northern Gaza Strip and one in the south.
One of the men was found to be carrying a grenade and a knife and it is suspected that he had been planning to carry out an attack in Israel.
Meanwhile in the West Bank the IDF announced that it had carried out a large-scale operation against Palestinians who illegally crossed into Israel, arresting some 21 individuals.
According to a statement released by the military, troops used covert and overt methods to arrest the Palestinians who illegally crossed into Israel.
Another four Palestinians suspected of involvement in terror activities were also arrested by the IDF and an additional three Palestinians were caught with Molotov cocktails near Road 90, including one suspected of being part of a cell which threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles several times over the past month.
All suspects were transferred to security forces for interrogation.