Israelis able to visit Greece with no restrictions starting Sept 15

Greek FM Nikos Dendias updated FM Gabi Ashkenazi of the decision. Travel will be subject to a negative coronavirus test, which has to have been taken within 72 hours of traveling.

Mytilene, Greece (photo credit: PXFUEL)
Mytilene, Greece
(photo credit: PXFUEL)
Israeli travelers will be able to enter Greece with no restrictions beginning September 15, the Foreign Ministry announced Monday.
Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias updated Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi about the decision. Travelers will have to pass a coronavirus test, which must be taken within 72 hours of their flight.
“There is an important strategic partnership between Israel and Greece, and the fact that Greece is the first country to open its gates in the coronavirus era is proof of the strong covenant between Greece and Israel,” Ashkenazi said.
Since last month, Israelis can travel to and return from 30 countries without entering quarantine: Australia, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Taiwan, Norway, Singapore, Portugal, Thailand, Austria, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Slovenia, Finland, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia and Rwanda.
However, travel to these countries is subject to restrictions, and in most cases, it is still forbidden to Israelis.
On Monday, Ashkenazi held a situation assessment with Israeli ambassadors from potential destination countries for Israeli tourists and representatives from the Tourism and Health ministries regarding the opening of skies to tourists, businessmen and Israeli students going abroad. No decisions were made.
Effective immediately, Israelis who need coronavirus tests before traveling abroad will be able to get them within 72 hours at local hospitals for about NIS 300, the Health Ministry announced.