Israel's police chief urges motorists to stay away from snowy Jerusalem

Police commissioner Yohanan Danino urged citizens on Wednesday to adhere to safety instructions given by law enforcement and to stay away from Jerusalem as the country mucks through a fierce winter storm.
“We ask that citizens not take risks and heed the police’s safety instructions,” Danino said. “In the last 24 hours, we have asked people not to come to Jerusalem today and to avoid driving in the city. Now we are seeing fewer cars on Route 1 [connecting Tel Aviv to Jerusalem].”
“It is reasonable to assume that at a certain point we will seal off the roadways leading into the city, including Route 1 and Route 443 and the roads leading to these highways.”
“Our goal is to avoid a situation in which people are stuck in the middle of the road without being able to enter the city or turn around,” the police chief said. “We are now waiting for reports on snowfall, and once we get them, we will close the highways.”
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