Itzik Shmuli: Labor can provide viable Tal Law replacement

The Labor party has already presented a fair and realistic alternative to the Tal Law, Labor candidate Itzik Shmuli said Sunday in response to the government's decision to approve the enlistment of 1,300 haredim to civilian service.
The proposal is meant as a compromise with the religious community and an interim solution to offset a deficiency in volunteers following the expiration of the Tal Law four months ago, which allowed haredim to indefinitely defer their military service.
He slammed the government for its temporary solution, saying Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government is characterized by years of inaction and inability to make concrete decisions.
He said the Labor proposal will ensure that every year exemption will be given to a specific percentage of the haredi sector, "a move designed to ensure real recruitment and not the spins that Netanyahu is used to, which are just lip service for the upcoming election."