Ivorian army attacks 'Invisible Commando' militia

ABIDJAN - The Ivorian military attacked the 'Invisible Commando' militia in Abidjan on Wednesday, the head of the militia and other sources said, signalling a violent break between the formerly allied forces.
"For the past few minutes our positions in Abobo and Ayaman have been under attack by elements of the FRCI (Ivorian army) who accuse us of helping the pro-Gbagbo militias in Yopougon," Ibrahim Coulibaly, the head of the Invisible Commandos, told Reuters by telephone.
The militia had fought alongside what is now the Ivorian national army to topple former President Laurent Gbagbo, and Coulibaly had said on Tuesday his fighters were loyal to new President Alassane Ouattara.
A source close to the FRCI, which is also fighting remaining pro-Gbagbo militias in Abidjan, confirmed the attack on Wednesday, saying Coulibaly's forces had not met a deadline to join the national army. Residents in Abobo told Reuters by telephone that they could hear heavy weapons fire.