Jerusalem DA seeks harsher sentence for Israelis who faked 2015 kidnapping

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office filed an appeal to the District Court Wednesday questioning the court's lenient punishment for two Israelis convicted of fabricating one's kidnapping by Palestinian militants in 2015.
In April of that year, Niv Asraf told Eran Nagaukar that he wanted to disappear due to a breakup, and that the public commotion around his disappearance would bring his girlfriend back. Nagaukar then reported to the police that Asraf had gone missing in the Hebron area, saying that his decision to disappear was due to a gambling debt.
Some 3,000 soldiers took part searches for the two in nearby Arab villages. Asraf could hear the sirens, but did not turn himself in to security forces.
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court sentenced Asraf and Nagaukar to 6-month and 3-month imprisonment, respectively.
The District Attorney's appeal stated that "the incident occurred on a very significant scale, involving military and security forces that took actual military actions using exceptional resources."
"The event is a significant violation to the values of Israeli society," the appeal said.