Jewish Democrats commend Obama's firm support for Israel

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) on Tuesday hailed US President Barack Obama's strong statement of support for Israel during his State of the Union address.
NJDC Chair Marc R. Stanley stated: "President Obama's strong words in support of Israel tonight reflect his unyielding commitment to the safety and security of the Jewish state."
In a statement, Stanley reiterated the lasting friendship between Israel and the US, praising his leadership on the Iron Dome missile defense system and his commitment to achieving peace, saying that Israel remains a "top priority of his foreign policy agenda."
"The president has been Israel's most important ally," Stanley said, "We appreciate that the President reaffirmed his commitment to preventing a nuclear-armed Iran tonight, and that he continued to make clear that he stands with Israel as its neighbors experience instability and violence."
Alluding to the president's upcoming visit, Stanley said, "because of his exceptionally strong support for Israel, we are eagerly anticipating his upcoming trip to the Jewish state."