Jordan says foils a plot by Islamic State militants to bomb civilian and military targets

Jordan said on Wednesday it had thwarted a plot by Islamic State militants to blow up civilian and military targets in the country.

A statement carried by the state news agency Petra said security forces had located the militants, who were carrying suicide belts, in a hideout in the northern city of Irbid near the border with Syria.

Seven militants were killed in clashes that began on Tuesday night and lasted till dawn, with one police officer also killed, it said. Automatic weapons, munitions and explosives were found with the group.
Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said as much while addressing the parliament in the country's capital of Amman.
"Early this Wednesday morning, at around 3 am, a security operation carried out by special forces that included security and military personnel, ended and was successful in achieving its goals,"  Ensour said.
"Seven members of the outlaw group were killed, this group are misguided and misleading, they are a terrorist group connected to terrorist organizations, and had planned to disrupt the security of the country and its people. With the end of this heroic operation, I announce the martyrdom of another hero, another martyr, who quenched this holy land with his blood, major captain Rasheed Hussein Zyood," he added.