Jpost/Smith poll keeps Kadima, Strong Israel hopes alive

While the exit polls broadcast on the three networks Tuesday night found that Kadima and Strong Israel would not cross the two percent electoral threshold, a Smith Research exit poll taken for The Jerusalem Post predicted that one of the two small parties will be in the Knesset.
The poll found that Likud would win 29 seats, Yesh Atid 19, Labor 16, Bayit Yehudi 13, Shas 10, Livni seven, Meretz six, United Torah Judaism six, Hadash four, United Arab List four, and either Kadima or Strong Israel three.
"I suggest waiting until final results," said Kadima's No. 2 candidate, MK Israel Hasson. "We have been fighting for months for our party's future and we will continue fighting."
Baruch Marzel of Strong Israel said he was optimistic that when the final results will be counted, he will be a Knesset member.
MK Haim Amsalem's Am Shalem Party, Green Leaf, Eretz Chadasha and 20 other parties did not cross the threshold, in part because the high voter turnout raised the number of votes needed to get in.