Justice Ministry hid nature of Herzog investigation from media as 'tactic'

The Justice Ministry on Sunday confirmed that it had intentionally not informed the media that the initial review of Herzog had changed to a full criminal investigation despite numerous inquiries last week. 
The Jerusalem Post asked how Mandelblit had decided not to notify the media and if this was a watershed moment in which he distinguished himself from his predecessor Yehuda Weinstein who often issued detailed explanations of such decisions - most recently regarding the Harpaz Affair.
A ministry spokesman said that "there are tactical factors in an investigation. Sometimes you can notify in advance and sometimes you cannot until after taking action."
In other words, the police and the attorney-general wished to question Herzog under caution without him having significant time to prepare for being questioned more seriously as opposed to a first-round of more relaxed questioning.
In contrast, many other public officials were questioned in a relaxed setting initially and only later, after a decision to convert to a full criminal probe, were they questioned under caution.
Questioning under caution is more aggressive because it attempts to solicit criminal admissions which can be potentially used as a confession at trial.