Kadima announces party list for 2013 elections

Kadima announced the Knesset list chosen by the party's selection committee.
The order will be:
1. Shaul Mofaz2. Yisrael Hasson3 Yohanan Plesner4. Ze'ev Bielsky5. Ronit Tirosh6. Shai Hermesh7. Yuval Zelner8. Doron Avital9. Marina Solodkin10. Eti Livni
Mofaz called the list "experienced, responsible, high-quality and diverse."
"Today it is clear who Kadima is and who they represent. I believe in Kadima and I'm sure it's task will succeed," the party chair said.
After the list was announced, Solodkin said she was refusing to take the ninth slot, telling Mofaz that her slot is unacceptable and that she is not sure what she will do.
She blamed her low slot on Olmert, with whom she has feuded for years, calling it "a dirty trick of Olmert."
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