Kadima's Yoel Hasson to Mazuz: Look into allegations that PM bribed MKs

Kadimas Yoel Hasson to

Kadima MK Yoel Hasson wrote to Attorney-General Mehahem Mazuz on Wednesday night, asking that he look into allegations of bribery in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's reported efforts to recruit Kadima MKs into the coalition. "In the last 24 hours, details have been published in the media that that prime minister tried to recruit MKs from Kadima into his leadership," Hasson wrote. "According to these reports, the prime minister and his representatives held meeting and conversations with different Kadima MKs, and promised them that in exchange for leaving Kadima and joining the Likud, they would be appointed as ministers and deputy ministers in the government," the letter continued. The Kadima MKs in question were Otniel Schneller, Ronit Tirosh, Yisrael Hasson and Ya'acov Edri.