Kahlon: Only a strong Kulanu can continue this economic revolution

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon praised the newly release poverty statistics Monday, saying that his party is responsible for decreasing poverty in Israel.
"The new poverty report show the success of the economic and social revolution that we have led over the last four years," Kahlon said in a statement to the pres. "Fewer children living in poverty, fewer working poor, a decrease in the number of people living under the poverty line and a further decrease in the indicators of inequality."
"You fight poverty with acts and not with words. Raising the minimum wage is part of the war on poverty. A savings account for every child is part of the war on poverty," Kahlon added, citing some of the economic programs that the government enacted during his tenure at the Finance Ministry. "Only a strong Kulanu party in the government can continue the revolution that shows that poverty is fate."