Kahlon threatens to quit if Knesset budget not approved by Passover

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon gave an ultimatum regarding the 2019 Knesset budget on Tuesday, saying that "The Israeli people will start their Seder night either with a budget, or without a finance minister."
Speaking at a press conference, he added that there should be no connection between the budget and the [Haredi] draft legislation, therefore he intends to quit if the budget does not get approved during the current Knesset session.
Kahlon also threatened that he would tell the other members of his Kulanu party to quit as well if the budget is not approved before Passover.
On Monday, Kahlon said “I don’t see how I could continue to function as finance minister if the budget doesn’t pass. Will I tell the elderly and the handicapped I don’t have their money due to the Haredi conscription law? It was a mistake to connect the draft bill to the budget. There is no reason to go to elections when the government is functioning well. Whoever wants to drag us to early elections harms our economy.”
Gil Hoffman contributed to this report.
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