Kenya urged to help women raped during post-election violence

LONDON - Hundreds of girls and woman raped during Kenya's 2007-2008 post-election violence are struggling with devastating health problems including HIV, a rights group said on Monday, as it urged the government to provide help and compensation.
Human Rights Watch (HRW), which interviewed more than 170 rape victims, said most were still in desperate need of medical attention and were unable to work, compounding their poverty.
"We were shocked to find how many survivors are sick, living in poverty and stigmatized, ignored, and often rejected instead of helped by the government," said HRW women's rights researcher Agnes Odhiambo.
More than 1,200 Kenyans were killed and 600,000 displaced in weeks of ethnic bloodshed following a disputed election in 2007. HRW said officials reported at least 900 cases of sexual violence but that this was likely an underestimate.