Kerry asks for patience on US Iran sanctions

WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday asked US senators pressing for tougher sanctions over Iran's nuclear ambitions to be patient, saying there is uncertainty in the Islamic republic two months before its June 14 election.
"I think this is a moment for us to be a little patient," Kerry said at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
"I do think timing and the choice of when we might do something is critical. We need to cooperate together on that," he said, adding that President Barack Obama's administration is monitoring the situation closely, and working with allies.
Some US lawmakers have been pushing hard for Washington to do more - including imposing even tighter sanctions - to clamp down on Iran.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday passed a resolution saying Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons poses an international threat, urging full implementation of sanctions and calling on the Obama administration to strengthen their enforcement.