King Abdullah of Jordan urges Netanyahu to find 'immediate solution'

 Monday, the Jordinian news agency Petra News reported on Monday that King Abdullah of Jordan spoke on the phone with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and stressed the importance of finding 'an immediate solution' to the crises
Following the Sunday attack on the Israeli embassy security guard stationed in Amman, in which the Israeli killed his attacker and one other Jordanian citizen present, tensions between the countries had been tense with Israel insisting that Jordan respects the diplomatic immunity of the Israeli embassy workers and Jordan insisting that the Jordanian police be allowed into the embassy to investigate how the two Jordanians were killed. 
King Abdullah said that the causes to the crises must be removed so that the situation will return to the way things were and the al-Aksa mosque opened to worshipers. 
The king demanded that the escalation in Temple Mount will not repeat itself and that the status quo be kept.