King of the Netherlands inspired by Bennett’s coronavirus video

King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander spoke with President Reuven Rivlin on Monday and told him he was so inspired by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett's coronavirus video that he called his own mother, former Queen Beatrix, Ynet reported on Tuesday.  
In the video, Bennett explains that we should “take care of grandma and grandpa but from far away” to prevent the coronavirus from infecting the elderly.  
Rivlin shared the news with Bennett who expressed he was “moved to learn” his message got to the Dutch royal family.  
The king told Rivlin that, in his nation, they are waiting to see if the scientific community might be able to create a vaccine for the virus and that in the meantime, “like in the middle ages,” social distancing is what is suggested.
There are currently 18,803 confirmed patients in the Netherlands.