Knesset c'tee meeting on Ofer Bros. ends in 10 minutes

The Knesset Economics Committee meeting dealing with the Ofer Brothers trade with Iran came to an abrupt stop ten minutes after it commenced Tuesday afternoon. Committee chairman Carmel Shama Hacohen adjourned the meeting immediately after receiving a secret note from an unknown source.
Hacohen refused to identify the source of the note, but stated that it wasn't from a political or business related source, indicating that the author may have been security related.
The meeting was supposed to be about the illegal sale of a tanker jointly owned by the Ofer Brothers and Singapore-based Tanker Pacific to the the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, a sale that was made public by a US State Department announcement that it would place sanctions on the companies because of the sale.
In the Knesset corridors the talk is of a political trick that would enable Hacohen to cancel the meeting, a meeting that would demand answers from the different government bodies responsible for enforcing the prohibition on trade with Iran.
The Ofer Brothers Group had announced prior to the meeting that they would not be sending a representative as the meeting was open to the press.