Knesset c'tee: Skin-based racism is a "moral crime to be combated"

Racism based on skin color is "a moral crime to be combated," the Knesset Committee for Children's Rights headed by MK Danny Danon (Likud) declared on Wednesday. The committee convened to discuss the Israeli society's attitude to children who emigrated from Ethiopia. One of the outcomes of the meeting was a call to welfare institutions to treat the Petah Tikva children of Ethiopian origin who were rejected by the city's schools. In addition, the committee called upon the Education Ministry to distribute binding orders to all of the country's schools on how to assimilate emigrant children. As of Wednesday, 16 of the 109 Ethiopian children initially rejected by Petah Tikva schools were still not enrolled in educational establishments, despite the agreement reached on the matter. According to the Education Ministry, disorder in the name lists of the children is the cause to this mishap, which will be resolved imminently. Sources in the Petah Tikva municipality and local parent councils, however, said some of the schools remained aversed to accepting the children.