Knesset lights Hanukka candles with victims of terrorism

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and MKs from every party gathered to light Hanukka candles at the Knesset on Monday night.
Children recovering from wounds inflicted by Palestinian terrorists and children who lost their parents in attacks, who receive support from NGO One Family, as well as children with cancer, helped by organization Zichron Menachem, were in attendance.
There were also Border Police officers, whom the Knesset honored for their work protecting the population from terrorism.
Among those called up to light candles was Tzvia Lavie, who will celebrate her bat mitzva on Tuesday.
Tzvia’s father, Nehemia, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in October while trying to save Adele Bennett, who was stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City and whose husband Aharon was killed by the same terrorist.