Knesset to meet on Wednesday to discuss forming special committee

The Knesset will convene the Arrangements Committee on Wednesday to debate the creation of a special committee to process a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for immunity should he submit one, according to the Knesset’s spokesperson.
However, the report was followed by a correction informing the public that no official request was sent to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. Without such a request, he can't approve it, meaning it is uncertain if the Kneset will meet or not.   
The Knesset dispersed itself once no politician was able to form a government, triggering a third election, which is expected to be held in March 2020. 
As a result of the dispersal, there is currently no way for the Knesset to review Netanyahu’s request should he file it.
Netanyahu was indicted on charges of breach of trust and bribery, allegations he denied in the past saying that “nothing will come of it, as nothing happened.”