Labor slams Netanyahu over August inflation data

Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich slammed the Netanyahu government over the August inflation figures Sunday, saying that the picture will look even worse in one month when the 1 percent Value Added Tax increase is taken into account.
Inflation rose by more than 1% in August to 106.2 points, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on the weekend. The Consumer Price Index has risen by 2.1% in the year to date.
The largest price increases were for cigarettes (14.2%), fresh produce (7.9%), culture and entertainment (2%), transport (1.8%), housing (1.1%), food (0.9%) and furniture (0.6%). On the other hand, the price of clothing and footwear decreased by 6%, and communications devices fell by 1.1%.
Yacimovich argued that these figures and last week’s State Comptroller’s Report demonstrate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s “archaic economic policy, which has caused the loss of control over the price of housing, health, gasoline, pasta, cheese, fruit and vegetables.”