Lapid backs Deri on Sephardim on banknotes

It is not often that Shas leader Arye Deri and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid agree on something.
But it happened Monday when Yesh Atid endorsed Deri's effort to require the government to include a Sephardi figure on new banknotes.
The Bank of Israel will release the second of four new banknote designs, all featuring poets and authors, in December. The first, a green NIS 50 note featuring Shaul Tchernichovsky, went into circulation in September 2014. The upcoming blue NIS 200 note features author Nathan Alterman. The red NIS 20 note, will have an image of Rachel the Poetess, while the orange NIS 100 will feature Leah Goldberg.
"The list of figures on banknotes should be changed to include a composer of Sephardi origin," the Yesh Atid faction decided. "The culture and heritage of Sephardim are among the foundation stones of Judaism and what it means to be an Israeli. Therefore, it should be expressed on currency, which is a major symbol of the state."
Niv Elis contributed to this report