Lapid claims government is failing to combat Hamas and the tunnel threat

Yair Lapid, the leader of the Yesh Atid party, spoke Wednesday in the Sderot conference organized to discuss the threat of Hamas' tunnels emenating from the Gaza Strip, of which one was discovered and destroyed by the IDF this week.
In his speech, Lapid claimed that the political echelon has two roles in dealing with Hamas, and that neither are performed satisfactorily today. 
The first, he said, is to recruit the international community to actively back and help in Israel's efforts against the tunnels, and the second is to create an intelligent system of carrots and sticks that will ensure Hamas knows that next confrontation will cost them their control of Gaza.
The former finance minister called for the taking of steps which would delay the next round of violence with Hamas by as long as possible. "There is not even one source that argues that the tunnel revealed this week is the only or the last one. In the ongoing campaign which we find ourselves in, 'deterrence' has become an empty word," he said.
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